How can I prevent my motorcycle from being stolen?

How can I prevent my motorcycle from being stolen?

Just because no one has stolen your motorcycle before does not mean that this will not happen today. All kinds of motorcycles are stolen from all kinds of places. All kinds of motorcycles can be lifted into the van body, from full-size touring bikes to boring little racers – you can grab anything.
We’ve heard of old battered “entry-level” bicycles being stolen despite being carefully locked and covered, and brand new bicycles with locks and hiding in seemingly safe closed private garages or inside gated yards. How can I prevent my motorcycle from being stolen? Motorcycle gatherings, shows, races, rallies, charity trips, etc. are often targeted. Urban areas are probably more dangerous for motorcycles, but we have also heard about theft of bicycles from agricultural sheds. The fact is that everyone is susceptible to theft, whether you understand it or not.

How can I prevent my motorcycle from being stolen?

The old adage “out of sight, out of mind” is true. The less visible your bike is, the less likely a thief will approach it. If you don’t have a garage, keep it closed. Not knowing what is underneath makes it difficult to assess the difficulty of stealing it or determine if they even need a bike at all. Putting on an unbranded case on your bike, you wonder what is really hidden underneath.

Lock the steering lock

Your bike’s steering lock, while easy to break, can be your first defense and prevent the bike from easily maneuvering. It is even more useful if the ignition and steering locks are separate, so a thief needs to pick two locks in order to escape on your scooter.

Keep your lock off the floor

Whichever lock you use, do not put it on the floor, where the thief is more likely to get enough strength to break it. If you attach the lock and push it off the floor, the thief will probably not have that extra lever to open the lock. The lock or chain must be fixed through the frame or, less desirably, the fork or wheel.

Lock your motorcycle into something heavy

A disc lock can be inconvenient for cheerful riders, but determined thieves can simply hoist that bike onto a waiting truck. If you add a cable to it and anchor it to something solid, you will have a more formidable enemy. Even bicycles inside garages must be safely locked


You need a motorcycle GPS that can provide reliable guidance ,mapping and prevent your motorcycle from being stolen, no matter where you are in the country.

You are ready to set out on an epic adventure; you have the motorcycle packed and your gear ready to go. The only thing left is to mount your motorcycle’s GPS. What is that? Don’t you have one? Well, then there is no better time than now to change that. Many people make the mistake of thinking that they can use GPS from their cell phones. While this is an effective plan for some trips, it will not work for everyone.
Your phone’s GPS and maps only work when there is a signal. This means that a cell phone tower needs to be nearby. The average cell phone tower reaches up to 45 miles and, in some cases, reaches 22 miles. Physical barriers such as mountains block signals completely. Situations like this leave you helpless.

Advantages of GPS for motorcycles

  • They are versatile. While there are GPS units designed for motorcycles, many are universal. This means that you can take it with you while you are doing other activities. Look for one that is shockproof and waterproof so you can take it anywhere. Some also have off-road tracks for dirt biking.
  • You will never get lost. It’s a disturbing feeling when you get pulled into a ride and suddenly realize that you have no idea where you are. Motorcycle GPS ensures you can always find your way home, no matter how far you go.
  • Remember the great roads. You go out to discover the world and hit the road that is fun to drive. Your GPS can record this route so you can find it again later. Some high-end GPS devices come preloaded with suggestions for great rides.

Types of Motorcycle GPS

Specific for motorcycles

This type of GPS was designed with the rider in mind. It is compact and comes with a holder that fits the handlebars of the motorcycle. The construction of the unit will be durable, ensuring that it can handle any type of driving condition you may encounter. GPS will come with additional route features, such as winding roads, scenic tours or motorcycle-themed destinations.


Some GPS units are suitable for use on your motorcycle, but are not designed specifically for your bicycle. You will probably need to purchase a mounting unit separately. They will not have specific features for motorcycles that provide better functionality. However, their advantage is that you can easily use them in other applications, such as in your car.

Hiking / Handheld

If you’re not ready to add another mount to your handlebar, a portable GPS might be a better option. These drives are compact and easily fit into your pocket or compartment. These smaller devices are typically designed with off-roading or hiking in mind. They will have a lot more information on parks and trails, which will only be useful if you plan on doing this type of driving.

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