Best water hardness test kit

Best water hardness test kit

Water is always at risk of being contaminated with harmful bacteria. Regardless of whether you use it for washing, drinking, bathing or swimming, there is always a risk of coming into contact with contaminants. Hence, water quality is a problem for many people.
Did you know that you can test the quality of the water you are using? There are water test kits available that you can use to check if your water is good or not. Different types of kits are also available and are available at multiple prices to help people use healthier water.
In this article, you will learn more about water tests and how they work. We have also prepared some reviews for the home water test kit for you. It is important to avoid dangerous water at all costs so that you do not get sick. Please find the Best water hardness test kit for you at the end of this post.

  • Of course, the obvious reason for buying a water testing kit is to detect various water pollutants, but there are actually many more hidden benefits to making this purchase:
  • First of all, you don’t need a professional service to measure water pollution levels because you can do it yourself with this type of kit. Not only that, but you can also find out the exact pollutants that are in the water. It is true that lab testing is different from home kits, but they can still provide you with valuable information.
  • You no longer have to wait for laboratory results. If you decide to contact the experts for testing, you will have to wait until the lab results return, which can take a while. Plus, during these tough times, you want to keep unwanted people from crossing your doorstep, and professional water testing sometimes requires an expert to come for samples.
  • This is a simple process that you need to do yourself. You just need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions, which basically involve collecting water in a container. The steps for using the kit as well as the interpretation of the results are provided with the purchase of the kit.
  • Such a test can also help you determine if you have any filtering devices that just aren’t doing their job. It can also help you decide if you want to purchase new systems, such as a disinfectant shower stall or a new under-sink filtration unit. Either way, a water testing kit will provide you with the information you need to decide what steps to take to get cleaner, safer water.

How to choose a water hardness test kit

Whenever you buy a product for the first time, it is natural to have many questions about the best set of features that can make or break the deal. When it comes to a water test kit, there are three important factors to consider as a buyer:

  • The water source – It is not uncommon to find water test kits that are provided for the specific collection source. For example, some of them are better for pool water, while others are more suitable for tap water. This is because the water you drink is usually tested for a different variety of contaminants compared to the water you sometimes just dip into. Therefore, it is natural to purchase a water test kit that addresses the potential list of contaminants found in that source of water.
  • The Testing Procedure – There are mainly two types of water test kits that money can buy: those that you have to see through yourself from start to finish and those that require sample collection which is then sent to a lab for a more complete analysis. set of analyzes. Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages to both. People who usually choose a water test kit that they can make themselves at home are those who are too anxious to wait for the results or just want to know about the potential presence of some common contaminants in the water. ‘water. Lab tests, on the other hand, take longer, but they often provide a detailed report of the current state of your water.
  • Contaminants – Last, but not least, you should know that not all water test kits available on the market are capable of detecting the same type of contaminants as all others. Most good kits should be able to test for common contaminants, including copper, lead, chlorine, and iron. Less expensive kits usually test one or two contaminants, which is why most people choose more complex kits so they can get more information related to the contaminants.

How to test your water hardness

Hard water is pain. If you want to know how to test the softness of water, here are some methods that can help you:

  • Your city can provide you with this information without any action. Your water supplier will be able to provide you with information about the source of your water as well as what it contains, so they will likely include water hardness as well. You can also get this information by calling your local water authority.
  • A water hardness test kit can also help. These kits usually cost less than $ 15 and come with test strips and a color chart to help you determine the hardness of your water. When you receive the water hardness kit, you fill a glass with cold water, place the test strip in it, and remove it after a few seconds (the instructions that came with the water hardness kit tell you how long you need to do this). wait). You will notice that the stripe may have a color and then you can compare it to the attached color chart.
  • If you don’t want to buy a water hardness test kit, there is another, less accurate method for testing water hardness. Take a clean, clear, empty bottle, fill it about 30 percent with tap water, add a few drops of any clean liquid soap you may have in your home, close the bottle and shake it. If the water is hard, you will notice that it is cloudy / milky and free of fluffy bubbles.

Water hardness scale

Hard water can be a rather complicated subject due to the technical details you need to know if you want to understand more about what soft and hard water actually means. For example, water hardness is measured in gpg, which is short for “grain per gallon“.
Some water testing methods will give you a number, and based on that number, you can identify the hardness of the water in your home:

  • If the number is between 0 and 3, it means that water softening is not required.
  • The numbers between 3 and 7 mean that the water is moderately hard and can leave dry skin and stained dishes.
  • The numbers between 7 and 11 show that your water is rich in minerals, which leads to problems like fouling taps and pipes.
  • When your water is between 11 and 15, it means it is very hard.
  • Any number above 15 tells you that you are about to face all the major problems caused by hard water: very dry skin, iron stains, soap scum, stained dishes, etc.
  • A water softener can help a lot to solve this problem. Here are some facts about water softener that can help you:
  • A water softener usually regenerates itself every 5 to 10 days.
  • Some water softeners only regenerate when needed, so an 18 kg bag added every 6 to 8 weeks to the softener should solve the problem.
  • A highly efficient water softener should not cost more than $ 4 a year.

The Apera Instruments YD300 is designed for fast and accurate water hardness measurements
The meter uses a smart chip design that supports automatic calibration, data storage (up to 99 groups), and low battery indicator.
Applications: drinking water, wastewater, cooling towers, boilers, pipelines, aquaculture, swimming pools and spas, etc.

  • Suitable for laboratory and field tests
  • Auto-lock and switch off
  • Use of the electrode method to test hardness
  • Fast response rate and convenient operation
  • :-

Detailed Guide to Buying Best water hardness test kit

The best set for testing water. It is important to know what type of product you are dealing with before purchasing. To do this, we have prepared this buying guide.
If you are looking for test kits to help you determine the quality of the water in your home, there are two options that you can choose from. You have tests that give you instant results, or tests that you must send to a laboratory to find out more about your water quality. Both are great for providing information about the water in your home.
In previous reviews, we have presented both types of water testing kits, so here are some examples for each category:

Immediate Results – Watersafe Best water hardness test kit
Relying on well water for your family or livestock means you need a kit that ensures whether the water source is contaminant-free or not. The Watersafe product gives you instant results at home and helps you test for many contaminants, such as iron, copper lead, bacteria and many other toxins.
This water test kit is fairly easy to use and has strips that provide ranges for each contaminant tested. However, some buyers have stated that considering that results are only given within a range, it is not as specific as laboratory tests are. However, if you need a good reference of whether you can continue using your water or need to take measurements, it is helpful.

Laboratory Results – Water Test for Critical Indicators
This test kit should be sent to a laboratory in order to know the results. You will need to take a sample of the water, then send it to a lab where specialists can see if it is free of contaminants or not. The company will send you the results, along with treatment suggestions if the water is contaminated. You usually receive them within 6 days.
This kit tests eight different types of bacteria, which adds to the amount of useful information you get from this kit. The instructions are easy to follow and the results are known to be very accurate.


Water hardness test kit are a great investment when you want to detect contaminants in water in your household. Not only do they offer a variety of options when it comes to how they work, they are also capable of detecting many types of waterborne contaminants. Moreover, some home water test kits are very cheap so you don’t have to spend a fortune on your safety.
However, you should be well informed before purchasing any product. You need to know the types of products, their characteristics, the main factors to consider, etc. And this is exactly what this article does for you – it will help you make your decision.

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