Best navigation system for motorcycle

Best navigation system for motorcycle

Nothing beats the thrill of riding your motorcycle along the highway. Best navigation system for motorcycle can enter places that other vehicles cannot. They have excellent fuel economy. It’s just great to drive them in the fresh air. This list of best navigation system for motorcycle can go on and on. However, the same great things that make them great also make them prime targets for thieves. There’s nothing standing between a potential thief and starting your motorcycle. Fortunately, you can use a GPS tracker if the unthinkable happens.

What is Best navigation system for motorcycle?

Best navigation system for motorcycle gives you the precise location of your bike. They are easy to use and work with all motorcycles on the market. Motorcycle tracking devices are similar to the loJack system and use a GPS to quickly record their location and then wirelessly transmit it to your mobile device, through a central server, at regular intervals. This information includes the position, speed and direction of travel of the motorcycle.

Advantages of GPS trackers for motorcycles

  • Combat thefts. This is one of the main reasons for buying a motorcycle GPS tracking system. If a thief steals your favorite possession, a motorcycle recovery device will help you and law enforcement quickly locate it.
  • Real-time tracking. You can see where your bike is at any time using Google Maps or other mobile apps. For example, if you lend your motorcycle to a friend, you can set geographic limits and the best motorcycle GPS tracker will alert you if your motorcycle exceeds those limits.
  • Motorcycle maintenance. An anti-theft GPS locator for motorcycles doesn’t just stop thieves. It also records information about your bike and lets you know when it needs to be serviced.
  • Lower insurance rates. Some insurance companies actually offer motorcyclists a lower rate if they have a motorcycle GPS safety system installed on their motorcycles.


Buyer’s Guide – Items to Consider

The importance of accurate geolocation

Knowing the exact location of your motorcycle gives you peace of mind. You always know where your car is, especially if you parked it on the street.
GPS trackers show geolocation and provide accurate information very effectively. Some devices update the location every few minutes, while others update every five seconds or so.
The innovative devices are equipped with 3-axis accelerometers that indicate when the bike is moving. It triggers an alarm on your phone, which is great in the event of a motorcycle theft.
This allows the vehicle to be tracked on Google Maps and other similar services. Knowing your location is important, even if you let someone else borrow your motorcycle.

Battery life / power consumption

One of the most important things to consider is power consumption. You want to make sure that your tracker of choice has enough battery life to run for a long time. The last thing you want is for someone to steal your bike just for you to realize that the battery is empty.
Fortunately, quality trackers offer sufficient battery life and are quite economical when it comes to their use.
Smaller devices use 500mAh batteries, which allows them to run for a few dozen hours. However, others have a 10000mAh battery that can work for several months.
Some trackers have a sleep mode that allows them to save battery power when not in use.
If you’re not sure what will work best for you, you should get a model that connects to your bike’s battery. These units operate with different DC voltages and are equally efficient. They all display the same alerts and can even warn you when they are removed from the bike.


Durability should always be considered, especially if you plan on leaving it on your motorcycle for an extended period. You need a sturdy model that can withstand all kinds of weather conditions.
While your bike should always be covered and sheltered, you never know what kind of weather might hit you. For this reason, your GPS tracker must be able to withstand rain, snow and sunlight.
Think about the weather where you live. Some models operate in extreme temperatures and in cold and even humid locations.
In most cases, we recommend using a small and compact device made of solid materials. Durability should be a priority because it plays an important role in how the device will perform.
You can also consider a model with a protective cover. Some come with silicone covers or hard covers, which are always great if you’re driving on muddy and dusty roads.

Compatibility with the platform / Andriod / iOS

GPS locators differ in compatibility, which allows you to choose between different options. Before buying, it is worth checking if the selected device is compatible with the phone and the operating system.
In most cases, trackers are compatible with both iOS and Android apps, as well as several other platforms. However, to be safe, we recommend that you check this beforehand.
Some trackers also connect to the computer and tablet. They send detailed information about speed, distance and much more to your email address. This allows you to save information and view it at any time convenient for you.
Fortunately, most of today’s devices are compatible with almost all platforms and systems.

Alarm systems for extra security (anti-theft)

Putting a GPS tracker on your bike will not prevent a thief from stealing it. Furthermore, these trackers are hidden and hidden, so thieves most of the time don’t even know they are there.
If you need a good deterrent, you can consider getting an alarm system. They are generally easy to install and noisy. Some are triggered by the smallest things, like someone touching your motorcycle. Others are triggered only when someone starts the vehicle.
These devices come with additional features, such as disarming, arming, starting the engine and other similar functions.
Another good idea is to install one or two disk locks. They come in different shapes and shapes and can be as simple as conventional U-bolts. They can also feature a sensor alarm.

Using the SIM card

Most GPS trackers require a SIM card to operate. In most cases, a SIM card is included in the package, although in some cases you will need to purchase it separately.
System installation
Installing the GPS tracking system shouldn’t be complicated or time consuming, even if you’ve never installed it before. Most models do not require installation and are ready to use. Others who need it usually come with instructions on how to do it.

Benefits for the user

While GPS trackers are ideal for locating your bike in case of theft, these devices have some other benefits as well.
Correct Planning / No Wrong Turns
A quality device helps you plan and record your route and journey, so you don’t make wrong turns. This makes it easy to come back and find your way back.


Insurance is certainly one of the most significant benefits. In most cases, companies usually have no problem reducing coverage rates if your motorcycle has a GPS tracking system.

Added security / anti-theft protection

If someone steals your bike, you can easily track them down with the tracker information. The device provides the police with precise and accurate location information so that they can retrieve the vehicle.
Viewing the monitoring history

Frequent questions

Are the trackers visible?

They are usually black and compact, but it all depends on where you put them. Most of the units have no indicator lights or anything that could reveal them. However, it’s up to you to hide the device well, so it’s not that easily visible.


Using a GPS tracker can be of great help in case someone steals your motorcycle. A reliable device displays a lot of useful information such as position, speed, hard braking and other similar data.
How you will use it and where you will place it is up to you. Trackers are as invisible as possible, but you need to make sure you place them where they won’t be as noticeable.
Consider all the critical information we have discussed as these factors can help you decide on a GPS tracker for your motorcycle.

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