Best knee braces for dirt bike riding

Best knee braces for dirt bike riding

Best knee braces for dirt bike riding is crucial when riding a motorcycle. A whole segment of the motorcycle industry is dedicated to producing and developing protective equipment to keep motorcyclists as safe as possible in the event of an accident. Most pilots have enough common sense to wear a helmet and protective shoes, however, knee pads can be easily overlooked. Although knee pads can be expensive, as well as uncomfortable, or appear restrictive at first, you’ll soon learn to love them and feel naked without them. Designed to protect your knee and shin from direct blows to the leg, they also aim to prevent or limit serious damage to your ACL, MCL and meniscus.

What is the difference between knee pads and knee braces?

There are two types of knee protection categories. The first, and by far the cheapest, are the knee pads. These are really designed to keep your knees from scratching when you fall or wipe a tree off to the side. They mainly protect against superficial damage.
Knee pads, on the other hand, are much more complex. They are designed both to protect against superficial injuries, but also to prevent serious, seasonal or career knee injuries. Knee pads are designed to prevent your knee from expanding in the event of hyperextension if you encounter an unexpected rock during a turn or land poorly after a fall.

Should I have orthotics or knee pads?

It really depends on the type of driving you are doing. If you are racing I would definitely recommend a set. However, if you are just riding off-road motorcycles with your friends or family on the weekends and not being exactly aggressive, you can probably get away with just knee pads.

This article will focus on motocross knee pads, not knee pads. Be warned. Knee pads are not cheap. If you see a set that you think is reasonably priced, make sure they are for a set and not just an individual knee. The first time I looked at knee pads, I was amazed at the price difference between dirt bike knee pads and motocross knee pads. After some research, I understand the difference, but still. They are expensive.

In order of priority of purchase, I would first recommend a good helmet, a good pair of dirty bicycle boots, a good neck support and then a set of knee pads. You will be able to survive for a while with a set of knee pads, which are better than nothing.


Designed to reduce the forces acting on the knee, reduce knee injuries and are CE certified both as a medical device and as impact protection.
Sporty asymmetrical hinge, the inner hinge is 40% thinner for a great feel while riding the bike,
while the heavy-duty metal gears on the outer hinge ensure precise movement. socks Injected carbon composite frame.

Pros & Cons

  • Best knee braces for dirt bike riding
  • Asymmetrical hinges
  • A 40% thinner inner hinge provides excellent bike feel
  • External hinge with metal gear ensures precise movement and durability
  • Convenient and easy-to-install strap system
  • Individual adjustment thanks to interchangeable sizes of hinge lining

  • The profile was too low

The Alpinestars SX-1 knee brace is a CE certified knee brace. Although it has the Alpinestars Dual Gear System (DGS) dual pivot design, it is not a brace.
The upper and lower frames are constructed from a high performance polymer blend which gives a high level of flexibility and strength and is extremely lightweight.
The polymer plates are well perforated for maximum breathability and air ventilation.
The SX-1 features a slim, asymmetrical profile design that gives you a personalized, snug fit while still allowing you plenty of movement.

Pros & Cons

  • Best knee braces for dirt bike riding
  • Alpinestars has redefined protection for motorcyclists
  • World’s leading manufacturer of professional racing products, motorcycle airbag protection, high performance clothing and technical footwear
  • The most advanced technical equipment for the best athletes in the racing world
  • The profile was too low


Whether you are a racing driver or a casual driver, you should never ride with your knees unprotected. You have seen the importance of always wearing a knee brace and why you really need it. Accidents happen anytime, so you’d rather be safe than regret it forever.

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